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    português deutsch
    ID: 100305203432
    Name: Evelin
    Gender: female
    Single: yes, I'm a single Modelagentur Single
    Birth Year: 11.02.1991 (27 Years)
    Postal zip code: CB1 1PT
    Residence/City: Cambridge
    Country: United Kingdom
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    about me:
    Well, I am very interested in fashion, music and dancing.
    I really love dancing, especially belly dance. I like all kind of sports, esp. volleyball, jogging, soccer and fitness.
    I like being informed with all the important events in the world. I am studying business management which is quite interesting for me. I love cooking , imrpovising in this makes me happy ;) Anyway, I don`t pretend to be special ,after all everybody has their own good and bad sides :) I am just trying to be closer to being a good person and living in the best way.
    My past 
    Well, I was a model in Bulgaria and I have an experience in this area. I love this job and I am doing it with pleasure which is the most important thing. I won miss Pirin in bulgaria which is a part of this country and leads to miss Bulgaria
    Also, I have been in some magazines there. I love being pictured in different situations and showing different emotions and feelings. So, being a model is not just a job , it is a way of revealing the best of our personality and making people happy. which actually also makes me happy... Working as a model is quite serious and pleasurable...I love it!
    português deutsch
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