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  • Jason

  • de Pittsburg (USA)
Ano de Nascimento:
39 anos
Caixa-Postal :
140 kg
morena clara
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Comprimento do cabelo:
muito curto
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Rank 34954
de 38840 membros
Última atualização: 07.05.2007
desde 06.04.2007 perfil
vizualizado 1298 vezes.
Minha descrição:
This section is usually filled with glorifications of your better traits, features, and abilities. Why not expose who we really are on both sides of the spectrum - good and bad? By reading what most everyone here is about makes me feel as if we lived in a surreal, non-existent world where everyone’s character is flawless. Well let`s see... Hmmm..what should I say?...Well first off I`m Filipino, Italian, French, German, Black, Indian, Spanish, and Chinese! If its one thing I really want you to know about me it is that I am the type of man that says exactly what I mean and feel. Sometimes without any regard for another`s feelings. I try at all times to be clear and honest. I may be brutally honest and upfront at times so please don`t take that in a bad way. I am a very private person and quiet in public. It doesn’t mean I am rude. I am an observer and thinker. I do talk a lot though when I am with my family and friends. I do not like people who ask WHY or WHO in a nosy way. If I say something and they have to know, I will shut them up lol. I love people and I appreciate everything…all the friends family and fans I have. I don`t deal with negativity and I never back down to anyone. I can be an a**hole if you push me. I`m not perfect. I do make mistakes. I`m real. I`m honest. I`m open minded. That’s the beauty of being with me or knowing don`t have to read between the lines or wait in suspense for an answer. I`m quick, decisive and I fulfill my promises. I`m a great friend and an even better lover. I`m the first person you can count on to open their arms to any problem you may need help with whether it`s money, advice, or just someone to talk to. My shoulder is always there for everyone to cry on when they need that person to hold them when they really need it. I`ll keep your darkest secrets and clap for you even if the whole world is booing you off stage...I`m a shoulder to cry on...I`m a great verbal punching bag...I`ll watch you fall but I`ll build you back into something stronger..piece by piece if patience is absolute and I see the world in stark contrasts of black and white...I`m the first to fight for you and the last to run from you. I`m the type of friend that people spend their whole lives searching for while recycling relationships like soda bottles as they drink their fill and find the remains empty. If you can have me on any level, as an employer of life you`ll want me as your employee...I`m low maintenance, I don`t need huge pay, affection, or praise..all I ask is to be understood and return I`ll walk through the fires of life with you...riding on my back laughing the whole world away. They are what make me thrive on life. I push myself to the limit with everything I do. I model from time to time (I have a busy schedule nowadays).. I KNOW HOW TO TREAT A LADY (NOTICE I SAID I KNOW RATHER THAN I THINK I KNOW DON`T OVERLOOK THAT!). I`m the romantic type. I workout everyday or as much as I can when time permits. I was in the Marines....and yes I went to Iraq...but that`s in the past really made me open up my eyes and realize what I got going for me. I write a lot of music about everything because I found that it was easier for me to get it off my mind instead of waiting around for someone to talk to. I don`t like to be called a `DOG` by females because for 1) you obviously don`t know me...2) I treat a female with respect every time. I`m not the type to quit because it`s not in my blood and I never will be.
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My last activity was with I had a photoshoot with them and before that I ahd s hoot with Charlie Couch photography
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